The Word is Out

Read what people have been saying about Health Dynamics’ Preventive Care Program.

“For me, Health Dynamics has been priceless, In my 2002 visit, it was suggested I have a biopsy taken of my prostate. The biopsy proved successful, and I did not need radiation or chemotherapy. Last year’s visit to Health Dynamics suggested I have a colonoscopy exam. The colonoscopy found a cancer mass in the large intestine, for which surgery and reconstruction were a success. As with the prostate cancer, it was found early enough to be able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation.”
– Manufacturing Employee

“One of our foremen who took the physical yesterday was immediately taken off the treadmill and admitted to the hospital with serious heart issues. I was told by a family member that the new incentive program we put in place was the main reason he took the physical. We will continue to stress the importance of these physicals to all of our members.”
– Chairperson, Health and Welfare Fund

“I’ve been through three different programs over the years. Health Dynamics is by far superior. My wife’s breast cancer was diagnosed early, thanks to the program.”
– Clinic Health Coordinator

“I am writing to thank the entire staff for a very pleasant experience while I was getting my annual physical. I went home bragging to my wife that it was the most comprehensive examination I’ve ever gotten.”
– Manufacturing Employee

“What a great experience! First of all, there was great ease in setting up the appointment. Health Dynamics sent me a very thorough questionnaire to complete. The staff was very courteous and compassionate. The exam covered many aspects: blood tests, blood pressure, physical endurance, just to name a few. I had my follow-up visit and am completely satisfied with my plan. Great experience. I highly recommend it.”
– Operating Engineers Health Plan Member

“We are so grateful for Health Dynamics, the physicals we receive each year. They area God Send for my husband who is a 49”er, and myself. Thank you for the health care we get from Health Dynamics. We consider ourselves in good Health, but when we have the physicals, we always get thorough results, and like this last physical, they found something that needed to be checked further on, which I did – and had easily treated, so thank you.”
– Operating Engineers Health Plan Member

Comments from recent Participant Surveys: What do you like most about the program?

  • “Overall a great experience”
  • “More tests were performed than at my regular doc’s office!”
  • “One-stop complete health assessment”
  • “The friendly atmosphere and thorough approach”
  • “Peace of mind on my current health”
  • “The time the physician and coach took to talk to me was great!”
  • “Full evaluation covered 100% by my employer”
  • “Year to year progress shown is encouraging”
  • “The program is excellent! I actually brag about it and try to get others at work to participate”