The St. Paul Electrical Workers Health Plan encourages every eligible members and their spouse to participate in the Health Dynamics Preventive Care Exam – available on an annual basis and provides an incentive of $100 to $200 for each exam!!

Appointment slots are available for you now – and the exam is covered at 100%!

Participate in a Comprehensive exam at one of the Health Dynamics locations annually and receive:

  • $100 from the Health Plan after your first exam
  • $150 after your second exam (if you participate annually)
  • $200 after your third exam (if you participate annually)
  • $200 each year thereafter (if you continue to participate annually, without skipping a year)

If you do skip a year, the incentive will start back at $100 again.  This incentive is available to eligible members and their spouse.

See the video link below to learn more about our powerful Preventive Care Program.

To make an appointment, call Health Dynamics at 414-443-0200 (option 5) – or use the View Locations link below to find the examination site that suits you best and call them directly.

HD Comprehensive™

We hope you will participate annually in a comprehensive exam at one of the Health Dynamics locations – to ease those worries about your health.

Detecting medical conditions as early as possible keeps your out-of-pocket expenses and treatment needs to a minimum!

We guarantee no out-of-pocket cost for Health Dynamics Preventive Care Exams!

Please Note: All exam results are kept confidential.  Your health fund does not want to know your private health information, they simply want to be sure you know your health status.