Get Ready to Live More Good Years!

The Trustees of Local 309 Health & Welfare Fund encourage every eligible member and their spouse to participate in the FREE Health Dynamics Preventive Care Exam.

Participate in a Comprehensive exam at one of the Health Dynamics locations annually and receive:

  • $100 from the Health Fund after your first exam

  • $150 after your second exam (if you participate annually)

  • $200 after your third exam (if you participate annually)

  • $200 each year thereafter (if you continue to participate annually, without skipping a year)

If you do skip a year, the incentive will start back at $100 again.  This incentive is available to eligible active members and their spouses and will be paid with a paper check, in the quarter following the claim being paid to Health Dynamics.

Retirees are not eligible for the incentive, however, retirees and Medicare-eligible retirees are eligible to receive an annual Health Dynamics exam paid at 100% by the Fund Office.

To make an appointment, call Health Dynamics at 414-443-0200.